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Thanksgiving Thoughts

Some of our thoughts for Thanksgiving bring to mind tables filled with home grown food from veggies to lucious deserts.  What we am most thankful for - is that we are blessed to have this life, to grow up on a farm and to be able to spend our adult lives with a wonderful family and  continuing to be able to farm.  Our vegetable and herb gardens are amazing and we are able to raise our own meat - and harvest an occasional deer or two.  How could life be any better?  Well, maybe if we hit the lottery - but we would still grow everything!

We wish everyone a blessed and safe Thanksgiving.


Thank you!

Thank you to all who visited our market stand at the farmers markets this year!  Even thought we had a drought, our flowers and vegetables did well.  Our new lavender plantings thrived in the dry soil, good thing they like it dry!

This year, our new adventure was buying 50 day old pheasant chicks.  They are almost full grown, with beautiful feathers.  Some will be turned loose and hopefully prosper in the wild and others will be processed for delicious pheasant dinners.

Thanks again to all our customers.  Have a great winter.



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