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Dear Ohio; Love, California

January 16, 2010:

 In the dead of winter, we hear, in Ohio.  The garlic cloves are tucked safely away beneath their thick layer of mulch, protected from the freeze/thaw/heave that the ground undergoes in the cold.  I wonder what they are thinking under there, all warm and cozy?

 We are stealing away in green California...not so much "green" because of the eco-sensitivity out here, but because the hills are now actually green.  The rain has come to drench the dry, thirsty earth, and the hills are loving it.  We actually saw some happy California poppies waving in the gentle breeze today.   

Someone called us "Snow Birds"  before we left.  I suppose it is meant to be derogatory, but in a way, I kind of identify with it.  We stuck it out in Ohio last January in the negative sixteen degrees (Fahrenheit), and don't remember stepping out my front door.  I assume that if you had the opportunity to spend an extended time in mild, mediterranean weather, you would do it too.  

This has nothing to do with my feelings for Ohio.  A government agency tried to tell me that if I spent more than four weeks out of state, well, then I was no longer a resident.  I didn't want to argue with her, but I guess she doesn't realize she cannot "decree" such nonsense when it comes to a sense of "home".  

My home sits on top of our hill that catches the wind that powers our computer.  My home is where I open the front door and my two-year-old can explore freely outside.  My home is where our horses stomp in the early morning sun outside the barn to keep warm.  My home is where I know exactly where the floor creaks...and on and on.

And I miss it.  While we're gaining some valuable R and R, and seeing some great examples of corporate support of small family businesses, and using dishwashers, and water that we don't pump ourselves, we'll be glad to be home again soon.  

Until then, Happy Winter.


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As a former Ohioan, I have no clue where Salesville is. I never knew Ohio had so many cities and towns until I left.
Glad you could leave the cold weather and enjoy the snowbird life. Having lived in both Calif. and now Ariz., I understand it completely.
I have done very little driving around Ohio except on the major freeways and turnpikes which always seem to be under construction.
But years ago, I did drive some back roads to see rolling green fields and old barns. I hope those are not gone and not dug over by cookie cutter Pulte and KB homes like they have done in parts of Arizona, not that AZ is green.

Posted by Karyn on January 17, 2010 at 02:34 PM EST #

Thank you, Karyn, for your comments. I am quite amazed that someone responded so quickly! I will be writing more regularly when our busy season starts (june-october), and periodically until then. I love to muse over country life, having been a city-girl my first 40 years.

Salesville is a tucked away place, (nearest notable city: Cambridge) where I-70 and I-77 meet, eastern/central Ohio. We have found that our area was too hilly to be taken over by BIG AG, and so remains relatively green, hilly and still owned primarily by family farms. Coal mining has taken its toll, however, and we hope and pray that no more will be stolen from the area...many Amish are now moving in and establishing homesteads which makes our community very exciting.


Posted by Shelley Mott on January 19, 2010 at 08:04 PM EST #

Well - Shelly you may have really missed your true calling- and this is one of a writer ...have you ever considered that? I enjoyed reading what you had to say - it was eloquently put indeed. I like the photo of your family everyone looks healthy and grown up a may consider using face book as well..

I plan on starting a blog myself for art...although I can of wanted to do one as well regarding Tolkiens work in that Im a bit of a Tolkien fan...

Really look forward to seeing you soon out here in the wild west of so cal..which I have had more then my share of and Im ready to find some small town up north and settle in..

I have a fiend who owns a large farm out in NC
probably not organic though - curious to know if eating that way the last few years if you feel any healthier?

Well Im signing off here ..blessings Nicholas
keep blogging away

Posted by Nicholas Pujdak on January 20, 2010 at 01:15 AM EST #

Hey Nick, thanks for your encouragement. I do enjoy writing and have had several friends suggest I explore this a little first step, a blog. We'll see how that goes.

As for eating organic, of course, I'm totally biased, but we did base our whole life and livelihood on the promotion of the organic lifestyle. I do tell people that it takes commitment financially in the beginning to wrap your mind around spending the money on what you ingest, but we have not had any medical bills in the past 10 years or so since we have eaten this way! I'd say this is a good trade: eating really good, tasty and healthy food all the time vs. visitng the doctor for shots, pills and being sick.....

See you very soon,


Posted by shelley Mott on January 20, 2010 at 01:31 AM EST #

Great to hear from you guys! I'll look forward to reading your updates. Lots of love from (cold) Ohio!

Posted by Katie on January 20, 2010 at 07:29 AM EST #

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