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Spotlight on Farmer Jeff

Jeff originates from Avon, Ohio and remembers picking blueberries and plums in the wild acreage behind his home.  His parents were avid organic gardeners and instilled in him and his brother the tastes of "real food", so much so, that as Jeff neared his 40th birthday, he decided to abandon his Southern California life and start organic farming in search of a more satisfying one:  focussing especially on becoming a producer, rather than a consumer; in working with the land (including weeds and pests) instead of against it; and in learning how to promote local community in the midst of the global economy that we are engulfed in.  His joys include working with his wife and kids, playing basketball, eating good food, worshipping God and walking out his back door to work.  He is an incredibly devoted father and husband and is extremely passionate about what he does.  (He's such a great guy that I married him!)  :)
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