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Country Girl, City Girl

When I was little, I called myself a "country girl." No matter that I lived in a suburb of San Fransisco, no matter that we had neighbors 10 feet from our exterior walls, no matter that our house took up pretty much the whole city lot of 50'x150'. I dutifully hung up my horse calendar on my wall every year and flipped the pages as the months flew by--yearning to be IN the picture, petting velvety noses or riding bareback, or at least be the one taking the picture. My balloon burst when my mother told me we had such a thing as "ordinances" that would not allow horses within the city limits. For consolation, I was given riding lessons, but we had to drive pretty far for them so it didn't continue long. (That should have clued me in that I really didn't live in the country.) So to my dismay, riding lessons stopped, (but piano lessons continued :( ). It wasn't until I met some college kids from the Midwest that it dawned on me I might actually NOT be a country girl. ("What do you mean there are different kinds of cows?" "What is a roto-tiller?"--Yes, those are actual quotes.)

Well, I now have my wish: I actually do live inside my horse calendar! I didn't see it that way 5 years ago, but I'm realizing that when I look around, there are fences and grass, barns and wildflowers, HORSES, goats, gardens, auctions, the Amish, tractors and wagons. There are neighborly chats, cookouts and baby animals born. Wild turkeys, wild berries and amounts or rainfall are the current topics of conversation. The almanac and understanding of septic systems are important enough to affect us every day.

Who knew this city girl could have so much country in her?? I can even identify different kinds of cows now...

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