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About the "Farmer's Wife":

I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area surrounded by "on-the-edge" culinary institutes such as Chez Panisse in Berkeley and a whole fusion of tastes: Pacific Rim meets European Bistro and everything in between. My favorite always included the local Japanese restaurant visited weekly by my family (still my favorite) but there are so many restaurants in the Bay Area--you could eat at a different one every day for 5 years and never repeat yourself. Thus began my days as a gourmande (French for "gourmet girl"). After finishing my degree in Theater from UCLA, I lived in Europe for 6 years as Performing Arts Director for a Christian ministry. This fueled my passion for travel, and the quest for finding cultural connections within the local food. I remember very distinctly while in France walking down the road to the local dairy and lugging home jugs of fresh, raw milk. Also, the weekly farmers' markets where the real farmers would show up with their seasonal goods--and the Babushkas in the Ukraine lining the sidewalks sitting behind their piles of potatoes and sunflower seeds. Upon returning to Southern California with Jeff and Baby Joel, we were quickly swept into survival mode--both eventually taking on full-time jobs, buying our first home and running helter-skelter everywhere. Ironically, we call this period in our lives our "normal life"--one which sent Jeff daydreaming about a peaceful, organic farm somewhere surrounded by Amish and buggies. So after 7 years in California, I had to say goodbye to my beloved state once again and embark on what I was promised as "real life"--or at least "simple life." I'd conclude that it is both: "real simple life"!

Have a wonderful week!              


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Hi Shelly and Jeff:
I am a fellow member of local harvest and a blogger as well.You may find me at :
I was moved by what you are doing especially you bring Jesus into your life in the farm.i am called :Minister of the garden and I asked Jesus to open ways and means for me to serve from the garden.I have a garden at a land of a church that has a dream to set up a CSA farm with all the nine yards of chiken,bees etc..we have a hunger project and other homeless services .During the summer I am sitting idle except for my workshops and Organic Gardening classes that now are dwindling as the heat temp.rises.So I am looking for an opportunity to work in a CSA and learn so we can do our own here in Florida.Have shovel and will travel.Need your help and prayers.Tony

Posted by Tony on July 29, 2010 at 07:26 PM EDT #

Thanks so much for the contact, Tony. It is so comforting to know of others like us who are really doing this all for the Glory of God! We have been continuously stretched and challenged as we have grown the farm, and we know that Jesus walks with us daily as we relate to our customers and walk the encouraged! Some advice that other CSA farms gave me: just start it (the CSA). Start small, but aim high....

Shelley Mott

Posted by Shelley Mott on July 30, 2010 at 10:08 PM EDT #

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