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The Slow Flow

In the Dog Days of summer I've learned the art of slowness. Slow moving. Slow cooking. Slow picking. Slow packing. Sometimes even my thought processes are slowed down--all in my body's effort to cope with the sticky heat. In our non-air conditioned house, we've learned which windows to shut and drape at which time of day to maximize any coolness that can be reserved indoors. But by 4 pm, there's no fighting it--it's permeated every square inch of the house. If we were to ever have AC, it would require 10 times more solar panels and a much larger battery/inverter system to run the house. For now we're content with our 8 panels and wind generator--at least we can run some fans!

We understand better too why some farmers wake up so early--to escape the heat, for one thing! 6 AM on the farm is one of the most inspiring and peaceful times--we're high above the fog, and even our dog hasn't roused himself from slumber. The coolness of the air prevails and hunting for tomatoes seems more surreal and dreamlike than a chore that has to be done.

So think of us as we deal with the heat this week--enter into the Slow Flow with us as you eat your tomatoes, potatoes, and lettuce--and say a prayer for some much-needed rain!

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