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just checking in

Monday morning.  Got a slow start.  First market last Saturday in Pittsburgh, Jeff and Jeremiah went with asparagus and rhubarb.  Windy and blowy, but the faithful came out to support the local farmers!  Sold out of  35 pounds of asparagus in 45 minutes....

 Today, bright and sunny, although we suffered a bad frost last night.  Early berries are in bloom and will suffer for showing their cheery faces too early this year!  Jeff is mowing the aggressive grass, the boys are weeding and adding microbiology to the soil.  I went to the Amish store to buy cheese and raisins....came home to make a quiche and the last egg I had was rotten!  It almost got cracked into the quiche, but, phew, it went into a bowl first...It was such a pretty little egg too.... 

 Finished painting the boys' beds upstairs and will now tackle their dresser drawers.  Gotta do the indoor personal home stuff before CSAs start in June!


Just checking in... 

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