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Our Wonderful Exchange Student

Mitsu, our Japanese exchange student, left a few weeks ago. He experienced quite the action-packed 4 weeks here on the farm! Coming straight from Tokyo, Mitsu was not used to long hours of hard labor. It took him a few days to get our routine down, but once he realized that every day was full of hard, outside work, he settled in and picked many of the tomatoes you've been consuming! I only wish I had asked him to write a newsletter while he was here. We're all curious to know his impressions. I know he enjoyed all the organic food he could eat! Platters of tomatoes, peaches, and cucumbers were part of most meals. Swimming, the Ohio State Fair and a dizzying Pittsburgh market rounded out his stay! Hopefully, he was able to experience a slice of our busy lives, taste some of the fruit of his labor, and bring home some fond memories of life on a farm in America. Sayonara, Mitsu!
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