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Water, or lack thereof

As much as we brag about living "off the grid", there are some obvious downsides. We have pretty much taken care of our power issues. The solar panels and wind generator power up our lights, computer and other electronic "toys." The upside is we have no power or water bills. The downside is, when there is a problem, we have to fix it ourselves! And the water, when there's been no rain has been the ultimate challenge--or shall we say character builder??

Even while growing up in the SF Bay Area during 10 years of drought, I could still turn on the faucet and water would come on. But here on the farm, living off our spring water, once the spring stops running--we have no water. Miraculously there actually is still a trickle, so overnight, some will collect in the cistern, and we can do a little cooking and washing of hands. If we are extra meager, or if no one is home most of the day, we can eek out a shower or 2. Good thing we still have our outhouse!

So pray for more rain, as the crops are definitely feeling the crunch--there is a huge decline in production as the crops are struggling to survive. We will do our best to finish the season out strong...but this is one of the risk factors shared with our CSA members: weather and crop failures, blights and bumper crops--we're in this together!

Thanks for all your enthusiasm and support! Enjoy the beautiful fall weather!



Rain on a Hot Tin Roof

The sound of rain on our metal roof is one of my simplest pleasures. Many times it comes after a long, hot, humid day bringing relief and an (almost) audible sigh. Once the storms have passed, the water still trickles and drips off the roof as the frogs begin their trills and the kittens come out of hiding. We've recorded 12 inches of rain so far this month alone--which is astounding to me since the average rainfall in Southern California all YEAR is 13 inches (and many times we did not even come close to that).

So we're thankful for the rain, but it has slowed us up quite a bit getting plants in and getting new beds prepared. It also brought quite a bit of brown rot on those early peaches. : ( We've had our challenges already this year: dealing with the heat and humidity, early bolting crops and mucky soil from too much moisture...but I still love to listen to the rain.

Quote of the day: "Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there." - Josh Billings

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