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Black Saturday?

It's a rainy Saturday here at the farm.  The farm store has been open for a few hours now.  The yarn, sweaters, socks and hats nicely displayed and waiting for some chilled human to discover the warmth of alpaca.  Because they say - once you go paca you never go backa.  The dogs and I are ready for some company.  Funny thing about our Great Pyrenees, they will bark their heads off at you if you are in the street.  But, take a few steps into the drive way and you have two 150 lbs new best friends. 

These big white dogs have long flag like tails, tall bodies that you don't have to stoop to touch, and a proud bearing that says 'I am important to this farm'.  They will sit out in the worse weather faithfully guarding the alpacas, who have the sense to go to shelter.  We have two  Pyrs because they work in pairs to minimize the threat to their defenseless charges.  I've seen these dogs act instinctively at 5 months of age against a perceived threat.  The male - Chewbacca (Chewy for short) heads towards the threat.  The female Chauska (Peruvian Goddess of love and protector of little girls - we have 2 daughters) steers the herd away from the threat.  Amazing how our alpacas had come to trust these dogs after only a few months with them.  The whole herd lined up dutifully behind Chauska until Chewy gave the all-clear.  This is an anti-climatic snort accompanied by a shake of his big square head.  Then, he's trotting off to do more important things like sleep or dig after a mole.

 Right now all is calm.  Since they patrol the grounds at night, the Pyrs are almost nocturnal. Chewy is sound asleep next to the alpacas and Chauska is on the hill keeping watch when a car or bird or some sound too small for human ears wakes her up.  Just like the dad and mom of the herd.    

If you are huddled up somewhere warm with your small charges and can't get out to boost the economy today, check out our kids page.  There are some fun games and puzzles to play.

 Warmth to you!




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