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TED Talks: Mark Bittman - The problem with what we eat

When  you have a free moment (21 minute run time) be sure to check out this interesting take on the current state of our Food and our Environment. You can find more information on Mark Bittman here or head to TED Talks to watch more interesting videos.
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Good video. Bittman is a good speaker and his points are well taken (eat less meat, the UDSA is not our ally, etc.). I would add that the subjective trumps the objective. People making a subjective choice to eat less meat will have an effect on the huge feedlots and the objective economy of raising grain-fed meat. This is what happened to organics. Forty years ago organic production was just an alternative embraced by the "dirty hippies." Now it can be profitable. The same process can be used with reducing meat consumption. These videos are a good start.

Posted by Walter on March 19, 2009 at 01:25 PM CDT #

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