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Video: The End of Mass-Marketing w/ Seth Godin

As a small farm constantly looking for new ways to connect with our local communities through grass roots approaches, we found this video very inspiring. Most certainly worth the 15 minutes! 

Breif Synopsis: Seth Godin argues the Internet has ended mass marketing and revived a human social unit from the distant past: tribes. Founded on shared ideas and values, tribes give ordinary people the power to lead and make big change. He urges us to do so. 




UN's International Year of Natural Fibers 2009 Marketing Collateral




As you might have already known 2009 has been declared The International Year of Natural Fibers by the United Nations to help promote the production of textiles using Natural Fibers. They sent out an email blast this morning releasing all their marketing supplies ranging from the video embedded above to brochures and posters.

If you run a Natural Fiber business, farm, or run events these are great marketing collateral you can share with your community to help promote the International Year.

You can head here and download yours today! -

Marketing Research - Using Google Insights

Recently we have discovered Google Insights which is a great way to gauge internet search trends for certain keywords, which are then mapped out for you. This is a great tool to find out what terms and ideas are growing in popularity. For us in particular, Made in USA is important as we are committed to keeping all of products made in this country by Certified Green Manufacturers. As the country gets back to the basics, more and more people are realizing the importance of supporting their local and regional economies.

You can plug any keywords that suit your needs and get data going back to 2004. You can also pinpoint your searches to local communities or as broad as the entire world. It's a great little tool, and the more you play with it the more powerful it becomes.

When you have some free time head to Google Insights and do some of your own investigation work, it just might help you plan that next big regional marketing push!


Promote your Farm/Services/Products by Networking!

After getting a great response from yesterday's post regarding some great ways to utilize Online Video to showcase your farm and services, I am going to continue to post some great business advice that has helped us get to where we are today. 

Today's topic is Networking, and more specifically, Networking in your local communities.


One great and efficient way of promoting your Farm, Animals, Services, and Finished Products is by networking. And how do we network efficiently? By becoming involved with our community! Participating in local activities not only helps promote brand awareness, it can also leave you feeling great for giving back to a supportive community. Here are five tips for getting your Farm involved with the community:

1. Volunteer Time or Space
It doesn't take much space for a small group to meet. Consider volunteering your facilities to local clubs or related organizations. One great example of this would be to invite the Local Art or Spinning Group to the Farm for a day. Besides getting the personal satisfaction of helping others, you'll be interacting with a few potential customers.

2. Teach a Class
Most of you are experts about the Animals and Products you raise and have a wealth of information to share. Check with the local college or library about teaching a class in your expertise. Another way to share all of that knowledge is by holding your own clinics right on the farm. Holding How-To weekends and seminars is a proven method of networking and connecting with the community.

3. Host or Sponsor an Event
Whether it's the Local Alpaca Show, Relay for Life, Red Ribbon Week or some other local program, most communities have at least one large event in need of sponsors. Read the local newspaper for upcoming events and browse AOBA's show listings. Can't find a local event that fits your business? Host your own.

4. Adopt a Project
Once you start looking for an organization to become involved with, you will probably find your community has many projects, big and small, that could use your hands-on help. Don't forget to contact the media outlets for additional exposure.

5. Join a Group
Getting involved can help build a bond between your business and the community. It also lets you meet others who may share common interests and needs. Become a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau or another club to make some business connections, as well as some friends. Many states have Breeder's Associations that are a great stepping stone.


How to use Online Video to Showcase your Farm and Products

The Marketing Power of Video

As most of you have noticed, Video is slowly but surely revolutionizing the internet. With new technologies and the average user packing a lot more bandwidth under their belt, more and more are able to experience internet video and even in HD Quality. Backed by the YouTube movement, more and more people are firing up those digital cameras and sharing their short clips with the world.

At Golden Touch Farm, we have been experimenting with online video over the last year and a half and would like to share with you all the power and utility it truly provides, even to an everyday farmer. One of the biggest obstacles for Alpaca farmers is showcasing their animals and their finished products to the general public. Pictures and long winded write ups can only provide so much insight, as this animal is really only appreciated after a first hand encounter. Through video, people can get a quick glimpse into the lifestyle these animals and products provide without making the road trip to the farm. As you all know, these charismatic animals have a wonderful ability to make people fall in love at first glance, and what better way to start that than through easily accessible online video.

We have been utilizing video on our blog for over a year now and the response has been tremendous. Whether it be a showcase clip of one of our herd sires, a short clip of our active hummingbird feeders, or a quick tour of the farm on a rainy day, all of our readers have loved it and it has helped sell finished products as well generate warm sales leads for people looking to invest in their own Animals.

In 2009 we will be upgrading our equipment and editing software and will be producing HD Quality DVD's of all of our investment quality Females and Herdsires. At first the task might seem too far fetched for the common computer user or Alpaca Farmer, but I can ensure you that with a little research and practice, you can produce quality videos of your animals and farm.

Here is a quick guide that will help you get started in capturing video of your farm and sharing it with the online community.

Today I wanted to share some resources on how to get the ball rolling on capturing, editing, and sharing video of your farm and animals on the web.

Capturing Video

Chances are the Digital Camera you use to take snapshots of your animals can also capture video. Here is a link to a list of easy to follow, beginner tips on capturing video with your digital camera.

Digital Camera Help

Editing Video

Editing Video is becoming easier and easier. Chances are your computer came with some simple, user-friendly video editing software. For Windows Users, Look for Windows Movie Maker. For Apple fans, check out iMOVIE. Below is a good resource to help get more comfortable with the editing process.

How Stuff Works - Video Editing

Sharing Video

So you have captured and edited your video, now it is time to share it with the world. Below are several site that are free and easy to use. We personally use because of it's rich community base and dedication to quality, and it also allows us to upload and embed our videos in HD Quality.

To get an idea of how we currently utilize Video on our Farm site, you can head to Video Section.

As always, If you have any questions on how to get started do not hesitate to ask!


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