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Planting Tomatoes

                              Planting Tomatoes, How I do it

Last night before the rain I planted the first group of tomatoes for our garden. They will probably not freeze but may need to be watched and covered up to mid May to keep them from freezing with late season cold snaps. I start with a large (3 feet) hole about one foot deep. I mix in two shovel fulls of composted manure. I plant the tomato deep in the ground.I mulch with old moldy hay. I put my tomato cage into the hole and then fill in dirt around the cage. It rained shortly after I planted otherwise I would have watered in the new plants. I will mulch the whole row with feed sacks covered with old hay. This method works great. It saves water, utilizes the old paper feed sacks, and recycles the hay and manure. I planted Early Girl, Parks Whopper, and Better Boy. I am also going to have some Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Beater Tomatoes later this year.



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