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Cold Cold Cold

The cold this week in North Georgia is unusual in our recent experience. However, I am a life long Georgian and I have seen this before. I grew up in Kennesaw in an old farm house and remember weeks of sub freezing tempretures in the 60's and weeks without power in the 80's due to one of the famous Georgia ice storms. This week we had many days below freezing and all the nights were below 20 F. I had to bring the chicken water in each night and I was only able to fill the Dexter water trough once. I hope to be able to fill again today.

 Resolution: Plan to grow more heirloom vegges and more natural products. I want some turkeys andd guineas as well. I am also going to blog more on the naturally grown life.





         My neighbor is helping provide hay this winter. This hay is helping preserve the pasture until things start growing in the spring. I figured we had one to two weeks to go until spring growth begins. He is a well experienced cattleman and says that they will stop eating hay when there is green grass.So he sats we need to use hay until they refuse it. So more hay tomorrow!
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