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Well it is raining and I am off from my regular job and back on the farm. Grandbaby is here. I had a lot to do today before the family fish fry we are having tonight. I could go back to the regular job? Nah! I have a swing frame to make and a pipe to fix. These are things I can do in the rain. My chickens were out and I put them up except for one ; gotta go catch her. I put a question on one of the forums and had great responses on how to prevent the next great coyote attack. The reader may want to check that out under poultry. This morning I checked the gardern. There was a #%1! rabbit hanging out there. We have corn and peas coming up. I have to harvest broccoli today ;otherwise it is going to go off. I did much better in the fall with broccoli.

This time of year always reminds me of my Dad and his gardening exploits. He moved from the city to the country before the back to the land movement. He and mother loved cantelope. The first garden they plowed in Kennesaw had 30 hills of cantelope! Of course when they ripened they had more cantelope than the whole road could eat. Too bad there wasn't a Local Harvest then. Daddy always over did everything anyway.

I also just bought a great book on rain water storage.

Off to the barn!



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