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We raise pastured chickens for eggs.
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Fresh Eggs

                                       FRESH EGGS

Flash ! The new hens (Delawares and New Hampshires) are producing and we have plenty of eggs. The first few eggs from a hen are small but as time goes alomg the eggs get larger. We are seeing a number of double yolked eggs  well. So far no hawk or furry preditor attacks while they are in the pasture. These hens are also eating the left overs from our late summmer garden.




Localvores eat safer

                                   Localvores Eat Safer

I just read an interesting article in the  magazine Hobby Farms. Salmonella used to be a disease contracted from chicken droppings contaminating the food. However, now with the huge egg industry, the Salmonella is in the oviducts of the hen because they have no where to go in the cage. Their living space is about the same as your computer screen. Locally produced eggs have their hens on the pasture not in cages and have much less risk of internal contamination. Check out he CDC website on this issue.




New Chicks

Well I got the flooding situation corrected with a well placed ditch filled with gravel. Last week the hatchery sent 53 new chicks. Half of these are Delaware and half are New Hampshires. I guess we will try to eat some of them. Tonight will be cold and we are breaking out the heaters and heat lamps. I hope to have them raised and laying by the fall and therefore have more egg production. We had a coyote attack 2 weeks ago and I lost one of my grown hens. This time of year the pups come in and the coyotes ar every aggressive!I have broccoli, lettuce, arugla, and onions planted as well. Looking forward to spring and the summer to come.





Febuary 18,2009

              With the warm up and longer days  the hens are laying nicely. We currently have fresh eggs. The warm weather has me itching to start some plants inside for early transplantation. I want to try some large heirloom tomatoes such as "Radiator Charlie's Mortage buster tomato!

               On a sad note my father passed away early yesterday morning after a long battle with dibetes and it's complications. He is better off now. Daddyy was a city boy who moved his small but growing family to Kennesaw in 1954. Kennesaw was way out in the country then. note that I said he was a city boy. He and mother loved cantelope. Si in their first garden he and mom had a local guy plow up the garden then one afternoon he planted....get this thirty hills of cantelope. Well come harvest time he and mom had plenty of cantelope and then some. Too bad Local Harvest did not exist at that time! Anyway a funny lesson for a city boy moved to the country and a lesson I have already remembered.



Warm up and flood proofing

       The last week of January and first week of Febuary at Hanging Mountain was productive and rough. My son finally got all the old chicken stuff out of the flooded house and on the pasture. He dug a ditch around the chicken house and I believe, hope, and pray that this manuever takes care of the problem. That may be his last major project on the farm as he has officially joined the ranks of the employed! We are very proud of him.

          Last week the girl's water stayed frozen all week and Carlene and I had keep taking heated water down to the birds. Now  with the warm up things are better and they are laying like crazy.

          I am order maore chicks this week for delivery on ar about April 1. They will be Delawares. That is eggsciting!



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