Hanging Mountian Farms LLC

  (White, Georgia)
We raise pastured chickens for eggs.
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Grass Everywhere

                                  Grass Everywhere

The rains have produced unbelievable growth in the pastures and hay fields in NW Georgia. My front field had been cut and is drying; hope to bale this week. We have squash, tomatoes, beans, peas, and corn up and going. The new chickens are eight weeks old and should begi laying around Labor Day. I have several heirloom tomatoes. I chose the variety Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Buster. I am late planting them but it is better than last year when the maters were destroyed by a hail storm.



         My neighbor is helping provide hay this winter. This hay is helping preserve the pasture until things start growing in the spring. I figured we had one to two weeks to go until spring growth begins. He is a well experienced cattleman and says that they will stop eating hay when there is green grass.So he sats we need to use hay until they refuse it. So more hay tomorrow!
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