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  (White, Georgia)
We raise pastured chickens for eggs.
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Mulching Technique


We got a good rain again last night! Now I need to protect that water. I mulch by placing old feed sacks between the rows. I cover the sack with moldy hay. I have little weeding and good moisture preservation. Today we have squash, peas , corn and tomatoes sprouting and growning in the garden. I will have all mulched by the end of the day. I harvested the rest of the broccoli today. I doubt it will be good. we started too late.


We had another broad daylight attack yesterday and lost one hen. I saw the critter. It was a fox! I say a coyote this morning. They are on the prowl.

We sold 8 delaware hens to a couple from Flod County yesterday. Their children had a great time selecting their hen!


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