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Chick Survives the night


                                   Chick Survives the Night

We moved the new chicks yesterday and they seemed to do fine. This morning when I fed and watered critters, one of the New Hampshire chicks was out with the big rooster, Big Boy. Thats Big Boy with me on the front page of our site. Amazingly, he didn't kill the chick and it was alright even though it was cool in northwest Georgia last night. They are 4 weeks old and fully feathered out. I would post a pic but cannot figure out how to do that yet.





Febuary 18,2009

              With the warm up and longer days  the hens are laying nicely. We currently have fresh eggs. The warm weather has me itching to start some plants inside for early transplantation. I want to try some large heirloom tomatoes such as "Radiator Charlie's Mortage buster tomato!

               On a sad note my father passed away early yesterday morning after a long battle with dibetes and it's complications. He is better off now. Daddyy was a city boy who moved his small but growing family to Kennesaw in 1954. Kennesaw was way out in the country then. note that I said he was a city boy. He and mother loved cantelope. Si in their first garden he and mom had a local guy plow up the garden then one afternoon he planted....get this thirty hills of cantelope. Well come harvest time he and mom had plenty of cantelope and then some. Too bad Local Harvest did not exist at that time! Anyway a funny lesson for a city boy moved to the country and a lesson I have already remembered.


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