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We raise pastured chickens for eggs.

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Water is the life blood of any farm. We must have water to sustain the vegetables and animals we are raising. We have had our share during the last week or two. Even after 36 hours with no rain my pastues are still sopping wet. The fescue is chest high in places and must be cut this weekend. I have been reading a fasciating book about water storage by Art Ludwig. See all his stuff at oasisdesign.net. For some of his stuff he is "out there" but for water storage design he has done the work. Did you know in societies where water is under pressure ie piped, the average person uses 100 gallons per person per day. But in societies where the water is hand carried the folks only use 10  gallons per person per day. You learn to conserve if you have to tote a bucket up the hill. I want to conserve the water that God send to my farm for times he is not sending it. Right now we have a plenty; let us see wha it looks like in August.



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