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Christmas at Poverty Acres

Christmas at Poverty Acres is a time when we see very short daylight and most vegetation seems dead. My mom stands to correct me when I say that. She informs me everything is asleep and simply resting. Everything is preparing for the return of light, warmth, and love.

The farm knows God well, and regardless of how cold and dark it may seem, light does come.

Uncle Charlie’s stories remind us of that fact in every case. Like the year a tornado wiped out the barn. It brought the family again to grief and despair. Grandpa Earl did not realize that in the barnyard was a young Poland China male that was destined to become his first Ohio State Grand Champion.

Uncle Charlie informed us that Earl soon became very proud that he was able to raise such a fine Poland without a barn. God continues to remind us that it is always the darkest just before the light.

At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of light. We celebrate this birth at the darkest time of the year to show our appreciation for his Light. He reminds us every year of his return. Every year we are thankful to see spring coming and the farm coming to life again.

This year is no exception. The news is filled with stories of despair and signs of time's getting worse each day. Tyler is home on leave from the Army but will return to continue his medic training in January. He may soon be in Afghanistan fighting to protect us from people who believe they know God better then our farm.

We will be fighting to keep the farm alive and in the family once again this coming year. We may even lose the fight, but it will not be lost without a fight. Uncle Charlie reminds us with each story, that no matter how hard it may seem to be, our chances are good with God, Family, and Country to serve.

Today we thaw out some awesome Sweet Corn that the good Lord helped this farm produce this past summer. We will enjoy the aroma of the summer past and relish the flavor of today. We will dream, pray, and hope for the light to come and save us in the days ahead. We look forward to that Light.

From all of us at Poverty Acres, we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and New Year filled with Light, warmth, and much Love.

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