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Thanksgiving 2009 At Poverty Acres

Thanksgiving 2009 at Poverty Acres

We are again preparing for winter at the farm. Many flowers, plants, trees and weeds have gone to sleep until next spring. This year has sure been an adventure, to say the least.

We thought Art was going to be able to help some, but found his foot had a fracture that put him off his feet. We are very thankful he is doing fine now.

It was very exciting to learn Uncle Charlie wanted to come up again. Wow, what a life savor he is. At 82 he still was loading Sweet Corn and chatting with customers like a seasoned professional. The customers were glad to see him back again. We are thankful the Good Lord looks after him because we cannot get him to slow down and just enjoy being here. The best part is just having him with us.

The twins were born ahead of schedule. Corbin and Harper are doing great and MaryAnn has been burning up rubber between Marysville and the farm. We are very thankful we could pull off both the sweet corn and pumpkin season this year.

Chris came up to help with the sweet corn again. The timing was perfect. We had a cool down that delayed the corn and she arrived for the busiest week. It is hard work, but her and Uncle Charlie make it very enjoyable. The best part of each day is in segments. We are up at daybreak picking and preparing. We have coffee and Uncle Charlie surprises us sometimes with a trip to town for donuts or McD’s. A nice social time for us all. Than the action begins as cars come streaming down the drive for fresh veggies. When the day ends we are all worn out, but we all look forward to a farm fresh dinner and reflecting on the stories of the day.

Thanksgiving is this Thursday and we have many things to be thankful for this year. MaryAnn is cooking a feast to celebrate our thankfulness with friends and family. Uncle Charlie is coming and we are hoping for some great stories again. He will be happy to know I have seen many rabbits running around the farm again.

We miss Tyler, but are very thankful he is doing well. He is in Italy and preparing to go to the Kunar Province in Afghanistan. He will be going there in early December. Please remember him each day in your prayers as it is a very dangerous area. He is arriving there with Able Company, 2-503rd, of the 173rd airborne.

It will be nice when his work is done and he can come home. It will be Thanksgiving at Poverty Acres that day, regardless of the time of year. For now we welcome home all our friends and family. Welcome Home!!

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