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The Worst of Times can become The Best of Times



This is the time of year, we love to reflect on stories from Uncle Charlie and the late Aunt Betty, about events at the family farm. Many were about events that had to do with saving the farm. One year consisted of losing the corn crop.

It was in the spring, sometime in the 1950’s, when Grandpa Earl Harper had already planted his corn seed. He had planted over eighty acres when the rains came and the temperature dropped back in the fifties for sometime.

Most all the seed rotted in the ground and Earl did not have the funds to purchase more seed. Since the family had lost their larger farm in the depression, Earl was not going to borrow money for seed. Earl decided they would hand shell the ears of corn they had in the granary until they had enough to replant.

Aunt Betty recalled it as one of the worst things the family joined to do. When they were finished getting Earl the bushels he needed to replant, they had blisters on their hands the size of quarters.

It turned out to be one of the best corn crops Earl ever had. The corn he had left was enough to keep the livestock fed also. They were all amazed that it was so much better than the treated seed he purchased each year.

To young Karl this was just one more reason to start calling it Poverty Acres. "Make some progress and then lose it to something else", he would say. This was one more reason he was never going to be a farmer.

Karl had been President of his class, and planning a career as far from the farm as he could get. Little did he know that it would be one of the events in his heart that would tie him to the farm and this farming community for the rest of his life.


     The Worst of Times can become The Best of Times
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