Poverty Acres

  (Washington Court House, Ohio)
Home of The Hot Plate Catering, Best Sweet Corn, and Pumpkin Farm
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Poverty Acres Started Growing The Worlds Best Sweet Corn

Karl Harper was definetly a Sweet Corn Conisour!


Karl shown with fresh picked corn in 1995. He believed in picking it early morning and blanching it in ice cold well water within twenty minutes after picking.

   The first Sweet Corn actually grown to sell from the farm was as early as the 1970's. Karl Harper grew a patch with his daughter Sue and son-in-law Fred Kelley to assist in the expense of hospital bills for the birth of their daughter Tina. Local stores, including Kroger bought and resold Poverty Acres sweet corn.

MaryAnn and Karl continued to market it to local stores to help pay her expenses to Ohio U.

Karl continued to grow it and give it to friends, family and neighbors until his sudden passing in 2002. Karl discussed growing it in the empty hog lots to help pay Nancy's nursing bills and hopefully save the farm prior to his death.

Drexal Hynes would not use his equipment in these lots because of the metal from old post etc. He was leasing the remaining acreage.

With the help of Butch Molloy, MaryAnn and Sam grew their first marketable crop in 2003. Since that time customers from as far as England, the Virgin Islands, and at least half the United States have enjoyed the Worlds Best Sweet Corn. Hand Picked and Hand sorted each day. Though there is virtually no profit in it, the help of family from as far as Georgia, Cincinnati, and Columbus, Ohio helps pay tax's and insurance to keep the farm a home for all the family to come too.

Tina and her son Art caught this same family fever to keep it alive. Each summer they came to help. Artie had a passion for it, had several suggestions that helped improve it and loved our customers. He is irreplaceable at the farm. We can only work harder not to let him and other family down.

From growing the first sold sweet corn of the 70's, what is great food for many, is still providing a family bond today.

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