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Uncle Charlie learns about Farm work

Uncle Charlie’s family had a butcher shop in Cincinnati, Ohio. Uncle Charlie worked with his Dad at the market and became an excellent meat cutter. One day a young female customer, whom he knew, came in to the market with a girl that had come to her house for the weekend. They were picking up her mother’s meat order. Her friend’s name was Betty Harper.

Uncle Charlie said the air in the room suddenly changed. He said people talked about love at first sight and he never really believed it. That all changed that day in the market. He could hardly breathe at the first sight of her. He decided immediately he wanted to meet this girl! The strange part was, they were coming in for him to see her, and later go on a double date, if she met his approval. The answer was very simple – yes, yes, and yes!! That began a love that has lasted for eternity. Nevertheless, wait just a minute, times were a little different back then. Betty Harper was going to school in Cincinnati to become a nurse and Charlie had to meet her parents in Washington Court House to get their blessing on his courting their daughter.

When Betty Harper decided it was time for Charlie to meet her parents on the farm. That was the beginning of Uncle Charlie’s farm work. When he met Earl Harper at the farm, Charlie volunteered to help with something on the farm. Earl Harper was not a man of many words, but was delighted to see exactly how the city boy would do with real work. He said the animals needed water if he wanted to do that. Sure, Charlie said he could do that and he set out to water the herd.

Charlie did not realize exactly what went into watering the animals. He was to carry water by two large buckets to several lots. Charlie climbed over several fences many, many times to empty and refill the buckets only to take off to another animal lot! Earl had the well for the animals in the middle of the farm to help with getting water to all the animals. Charlie just did not know how many lots of thirsty animals there were! He said he was very, very tired when finished but he was determined to impress Betty’s father. He acted like it was no problem, but he began to admire Earl Harper that day. Charlie said he could hardly lift his arms the next day at home! That began the many stories Uncle Charlie and Aunt Betty would share with us about life at Poverty Acres.


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