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Welcome Home Harper Family

Thanksgiving is a time we stop and thank God for helping us make it through another year at the Farm. Thank you God for your help, we are grateful.

Thanksgiving is also a time for Uncle Charlie’s stories about events on the farm. The farm is where Uncle Charlie began his courting of our late Aunt Betty. We are still much saddened by the sudden loss of Aunt Betty last fall.

Uncle Charlie grins, as he tells us about waking up very early in the morning, to the clogging sound of Grandma Harper’s shoes on the kitchen floor. She was already beginning to prepare what Uncle Charlie calls "The Feast".

After losing the larger part of the farm in the depression, many family members still traveled to the smaller farm for fellowship. The men would rise early and help Grandpa Earl do the chores and then go hunting. The pheasant and rabbits were the game of choice today.

The first success hunting got rushed back to Grandma Harper’s kitchen to be included in the big feast. At the end of the feast, he grins, almost everyone took a nap before returning to hunt again. Then they would help Grandpa Earl do chores again. The chores are a story we will leave for another day.

We are thankful we have been able to save the remaining part of the family farm. Many in the Carr and Harper family have worked hard to keep it alive. For it is home. Not just our home, but home to many family members who are now living all across the country.

At all times of the year it is about family. We are happy to say, " Welcome Home Harper Family, Welcome Home! Have a happy Thanksgiving and remember Tyler in your prayers. He is now in Texas learning to be an Army Medic.

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