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Poverty Acres is Waking Up

  The tractor started and the soil is turned. The Lord provided an awesome window of time to get the soil turned. It was great to be back on the tractor enjoying sunshine. My arthritis is beginning to lighten up once again. I love warmer weather.

  While working the soil I noticed many things are waking up for another season on Poverty Acres. The weeds are always in the lead so I must now get my tools sharp and ready.

  MaryAnn wants to trim and spray the apple trees this weekend so I will be opening up our work shop and getting the equipment ready for her. She asked I get the lawn mower ready because she spotted some grass greening up. There is nothing like the smell of fresh cut grass to give us spring fever.

  We have all of our sweet corn seed purchased but we must make a run for fertilizer. Every minute begins to count now. The barns need some paint. The sales area needs cleaned up and made ready. The picking buckets cleaned and ready. Our irrigation equipment made ready. The list goes on.

  Most folks don't realize what it takes to raise good food so in my spare time I am working on growing a pizza. If I can ever finish this goal, MaryAnn can bring the kids from school to learn what it takes to grow the ingrediants on their pizza.

  Got to get to work, was 25 degrees last night, getting up to 50 now. Have alot to do before the soil gets in the sixties. Then it is planting time on a much larger scale. See ya soon!



Growing The Worlds Best Sweet Corn at Poverty Acres

Growing The Worlds Best Sweet Corn at Poverty Acres

This is the seventh year for MaryAnn and I to order seed and begin planning for another sweet corn season at Poverty Acres. I am trying to get the Case 1070 started so I can turn the soil. Normally I turn it in the fall but decided to wait until spring this year. I am thinking I can attack the weeds and bugs better.

Butch has already began turning his soil, but he informed me he broke a coulter when he hit a spot frozen nearly thirteen inches deep. I figured I had better wait a few days. I broke one on a rock last year and was able to Poverty rig it to work. I cannot afford to wipe it out.

We were concerned this winter about having customers with the economy getting worse. It is without question, we are entering a depression, and it appears our government is now leading the way. We have been surprised that several folks are already asking us when will it be ready.

The truth is, only God knows for sure. We always shoot for July 4. We pray he blesses us with another improved year. Our mission is based on an old elementary school rhyme. Good, Better, Best, we never let it rest, until good becomes better, and better becomes THE BEST!

Some folks from as far as England have told us we already have the worlds best. That is a great compliment that we appreciate hearing. Another customer drives to our farm in Ohio from Indiana, just to get our sweet corn. That really makes us feel great too.

We never know if we can maintain such a standard, but we always try very hard to improve it. When we calculate our time and cost, we only make a few cents an hour on sweet corn. We hand pick every ear and hand sort it for the best quality.

We are phasing back to two plantings this year. Jessica is pregnant with twins, due in July. Tyler is off to the Army, learning to be a Medic. Art is involved in football and Uncle Charlie is going to rest and enjoy more time with children and grand children.

MaryAnn has warned me that when Jesse delivers those twins she is gone, gone and gone. So that leaves just me to pick, sort, sort, and sell. With the new minimum wage, we just cannot afford to lose that much money to hire someone to help.

So we start another interesting season at Poverty Acres. I must now go out and see if my tractor will cooperate and simply start. Then comes equipment problems, weeds, bugs, and of course the weather. Why do I do it? I am on a mission. To Be The Best!

I will try to keep you informed on how it is going but may struggle to find the time. The busy spring is here and it is all hands on deck. Well, my hands anyway. See ya soon!


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