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Accidents on or off the Farm change our world!

Accidents, on or off the farm, change our world!


Ohio teenager on track struck and killed by trainThe story doesn’t tell what a great nephew Art was and how he loved to come to the family farm each summer to help his Aunt MaryAnn and Uncle Sam. Art loved to joke and get to know our sweet corn customers in Fayette County.

December 05, 2009 09:10 EST

HILLIARD, Ohio (AP) -- Authorities in Ohio say a teenager walking on a railroad track was wearing headphones when he was struck and killed by a train.

Arthur Lane apparently never heard the train horn. The 16-year-old sophomore at Hilliard Davidson High School near Columbus was killed Friday.

Hilliard Police Chief Doug Francis said the CSX train approached Lane from behind. The engineer applied the brakes but couldn't stop in time.

Lane was pronounced dead at the scene. He was walking from the school to a library, where his mother was going to pick him up.

A family friend said Lane sometimes used the railroad tracks as a shortcut to get to the library.

Students and teachers held a candlelight vigil at the school Friday night.

Information from: The Columbus Dispatch.



When we went to the candle light vigil, just a few hours after the accident, hundreds of teens and parents had showed up. In some way, this sophomore had touched their lives.

He certainly touched our hearts many times and in many different ways. From rolling out of bed before daybreak to enter a dew soaked sweet corn patch, to watching him in many different sporting events. Art would smile and joke in the worst situations.

No matter how tired he was he was ready to go get a blizzard at Dairy Queen to celebrate a hard days work. He was not just a nephew, he was our little buddy too! A relationship you just can’t replace and you don’t often have between generations.

Working together at the farm, Uncle Charlie and Art, representing the oldest and youngest generations, formed a bond that will never be broken, not in this life or the next.

The farm has been in Art’s family for over 150 years. It is home to all the family and a place to come and simply attach to their roots. The name Poverty Acres reflects on family tragedy but reminds us of the bond or roots from whence we came. Many tears have been shed here but much more joy has taken place here.

Karl Harper called his first great grandson King Arthur. A fitting name for a person who touched so many lives in so many different ways. We will miss King Arthur forever but will reflect on that great smile almost everyday.

At the farm, we have a lane way, which has always been called simply that. Starting today, it will be called Arthur Lane in his memory. Your family will always remember and love you Art.



Today is one of those days we wonder how many tears do we have left. Our nephew Art was taken from us in the blink of an eye. The following news clip tells the story somewhat:
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