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Spring Planting, Trimming, Spraying At Poverty Acres

 We have been very busy the past couple weeks. MaryAnn has trimmed the apple trees and cut grass three times already.

 We have planted cabbage, red potato's, red onions, yellow onions, and Iceberg lettuce. Among the three cabbage varieties we planted is Uncle Charlie's favorite, stone head. We are trying a new one called Rocket. We picked up the starts from an mennonite farm near Hillsboro. They highly favored it over stone head so we will see.

 We will wait a week and then plant beets and carrots. Soon after will be green beans, tomatoes, and sweet corn.

  I was able to lay down the spray for the cut worms etc. and spray the apple trees.

 MaryAnn and I had a great time visiting the mennonite farm and was surprised the family has already planted sweet corn. We learned a few secrets that we may try in the future.

 We are both tired today but looking forward to an Easter visit from Uncle Charlie and Chris this week.

 Tyler finished his airborne training but injured an ankle. He will be getting orders soon to a new destination. He can not go through Ranger training until his ankle is completely healed. He might get some home time before his next assignment.

 Gotta go get things battoned down. A storm and cold front is headed our way. See ya soon!  

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