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Brined whole Meyer Lemons are ready!

After sitting in their brine, these lovely Meyer lemons are ready for the table!  Mine will go into a chicken tajine I plan to serve at a party next month for friends who helped me in processing.  Actually, it is a good excuse for a party and good friends. 


Friends met in my kitchen and helped me slice and brine 750# of organic Meyer lemons shipped from Seven Oaks Ranch last weekend. Beautiful, fragrant lemons! I am grateful because my hands just could not handle all that cutting because of arthritis this year.  This year's batch of Meyer Lemon Tapenade/pesto should be especially good! Besides,we had such a great time!  Catching up on news and learning the words to some old work songs I had never heard of before.  My friends said they will come to help me process once the brining is done. I am using some of the lemons to make lemon marmalade for Christmas and my morning toast and some of them to make limoncello liqueur to gift my friends and family. And lemonade! Yum!  
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