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March 2012

A set of twins March 12 and 2 sets on March 15 has been a lot of fun.  Rosemary rejected one of her girls, leaving me to bottle feed little Mia, who I named after Mia Farrow from the movie Rosemary's Baby.  Mia finds me in the yard and paws at my leg when she is ready for a bottle.  Thankfully, her grandmother kidded the same day she was born, and has plenty of milk to spare.  I have some fun swaps going with people who bought herd shares.  My latest is receiving baked goods from a chef when he comes to pick up his milk.  

I ordered some jumbo quail hatching eggs online, and now have little quail running around the greenhouse along with baby chicks, ducklings, and goslings.  My geese are sitting on a growing pile of eggs in the orchard.

I am reading books that help me find the poetry of my existence.  I just finished The Dirty Life, and am now reading, 12 X 12.   

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