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Upcoming Beef Pickup

                                       Spring Beef is Available
                                           for March 6 Pickup

Regardless of what the groundhog says, I can promise spring is on the way.   The daffodils are beginning to poke their green shoots out of the chilly ground.  Baby lambs and goats are appearing on the greening pastures with their mums.  And for us that means delicious Spring Beef.

Cattle love to munch on the lush winter rye grass here in Georgia.  This tender juicy grass provides the omega 3s and conjugated linoleic acid that make grass-fed beef such a healthy food.  In some ways the fat in grass-fed beef is closer to salmon than to grocery store beef.   And of course it has a lower carbon footprint, because it doesn't have to take a plane ride from Alaska to your dinner table.   
                                           Too much Fat???

This time of year we occasionally face our favorite problem: there can be more fat than some people like in Spring Beef.  In that case you have a couple of choices.  You can bring the cuts back to me and trade them for others, or you can cut off the fat and render it into tallow.  Nothing makes tastier or healthier fried potatoes than grass-fed tallow.  McDonald's actually puts artificial beef tallow flavoring in their french fries.  It does improve the flavor a bit, but doesn't do anything for the nutritional quality.  For many people, from now thru June is the best time of year to buy locally grown, grass-fed beef.  

                                         Placing an Order

Right now we are taking deposits on our first beef of the season.  Pickup will be on March 6. A quarter animal costs $600 and will put approximately 75 lbs of finished, wrapped, labeled and frozen beef in your deep freeze.  If you need a smaller share we always have folks interested in cow-pooling.  Just let us know.  Deposits are 50% of the total projected order with the remainder due at pickup.  
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