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Busy Spring

Well its that time of year again- LAMBING! We came home from a graduation reception at 10:30 pm to find that Nellie, one of our meat sheep had had quads! For you city slickers that is 4 lambs! and on her own!  Then at midnight another ewe went into a tough labor.  It was breech and I felt since she would more than likely have triplets- it was best to leave it to the expert.  When the vet was done we had three lovely lambs.  Unfortunately the ewe and the first lamb transpired after 2 days, even though we tried everything.. So now we have 4 bottle lambs.  Nellie decided two were enough mouths for her.

We entered the Shepherds Harvest fleece competition this year. First time we have sheared before lambing in years. Ended up with first, second and third place ribbons !  We sold those fleeces, but shortly I will have others up online for you to enjoy.


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