Sauvie Island Lavender Farm

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Harvest Time at Sauvie Island Lavender Farm

Our Lavender Harvest

It is a wee bit late this year, but our harvest has begun!  It is an exciting time on the farm when we harvest.  Stop of by this weekend and you will get to see first hand how we harvest and dry our lavender. This year we expect to cut 3000 bundles of lavender.

New Item Soon to Come

Within the next week we should have a link on our Local Harvest Store for you to purchase fresh lavender bouquets.  We even have a discount for bulk orders.  This is a short seasonal item that will be available through August if the weather cooperates. 

Our Shop is Open

This year we are selling lots of lavender plants and can even accommodate large orders with advanced notice.  Our most popular seller this week is Silver Frost lavender.  Also in our shop we have decorative lavender brooms, sachets of all sizes and colors, farm crafted lavender soaps, lavender wall swags, and more....  Please check out our Local Harvest Store if you can not make it to the farm.

How to Find Us

From Portland head west on HWY 30.  Turn onto the Sauvie Island Bridge and follow the yellow and purple lavender farm signs for 3.5 miles.  We are on the right side of the road. Our hours are Tues-Sun from 10am - 4pm.  After Hours U-Cut is available on the Honor System. The price is $6 per bundle.  Please bring exact change.


This Weekend at Sauvie Island Lavender Farm

Sunday Sale at Sauvie Island Lavender Farm

The lavender is growing so fast!  Our Folgate lavender (an early bloomer) has sprouted some gorgeous purple buds.  We are only a week or so away from offering u-cut lavender to you.  Here is what’s happening on the farm this week!   

Visit us this Sunday (June 7th, 2009) and get 20 percent off your purchase of our beautiful china tea cup lavender soy candles.  Regular price is $19.95.  Discount price is $15.96.

Also on sale this Sunday are our popular curly willow bunches.  These are great for any indoor or outdoor décor.  Buy one and get a second one for half price.  That is a $4.00 savings.

Our last item on sale this Sunday is our small bouquet of dried flowers.  Each colorful bouquet has statis, salvia, and lavender.  It will brighten any room in the house or make the perfect hostess gift.  Sale price: $3.95


We have created a superb new soap blend on the farm and it is available to purchase this weekend.  It is a silky smooth glycerin soap with cinnamon spice, and essential oils from lavender and Clary sage.

What only eats Mulberry leaves, molts four times in it life, and provides the world with the finest of textiles?  Silk worms of course.  We raise several dozen each year.  They are on display now at the farm. 

Our NEW HWY 30 BLUE DIRECTIONAL SIGN was erected this week and is easy see when you are coming from Portland!  Check it out.


We are open Tuesday – Sunday, 10am-5pm


After you cross the Sauvie Island Bridge just follow the yellow and purple LAVENDER FARM signs.  We are 3.5 miles from the bridge on NW Sauvie Island Road.

See you at the Farm!




Sauvie Island Lavender Farm Weekend Fun

Visit the Farm Memorial Day Weekend
Here at Sauvie Island Lavender Farm, we are a few short weeks away from the lavender field blooming. Fortunately, the amazing lavender aroma is found in the entire plant and our field smells wonderful. So join us Memorial Day weekend at farm. We will be open Monday too!

Here is what's happening this weekend:
Purchase lavender tea or lemonade and shortbread for just $5.00 per person and find the perfect spot in the lavender field to sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

New lavender products this week:
Lavender soy candles poured inside antique tea cups.
Lavender bath salt made right here on the farm with our French lavender mix.
Lavender mint glycerin soap with lavender buds.
Lavender mint glycerin cherub guest soap.

Lavender Plants:
Looking for a lavender plant for your garden? Come see us. We have a great selection of French, English, and Spanish lavenders. Don't know the difference? We will be happy to explain. You will receive a free Lavender Growing Tip card with plant purchase. Buy 10 or more plants and receive 10 percent off your plant purchase.

How to Find Us:
Sauvie Island Lavender farm is located 3.5 miles from the Sauvie Island Bridge. Just follow the yellow and purple Lavender Farm signs.

Sauvie Island Lavender Farm
20230 NW Sauvie Island Road
Portland, OR 97231


Sauvie Island Lavender Farm is Open for 2009

Sauvie Island Lavender Farm is open for the season!  Our hours have expanded too.  We are now open May – Oct, Tues - Sun, from 10am – 5pm.  This weekend let us treat you to free mini lemon lavender muffins to nibble on while you shop. 

Now is the perfect time to plant lavender.  We have hundreds of plants to choose from.  Come a pick our brains about how to plant and care for lavender!  Our best value is the 4 inch container at $3.50 each.  Buy ten or more plants and we will give you a 10 percent discount on your plant purchase.

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift?  We can help you create a custom lavender gift basket just for Mom.  You purchase what lovely lavender products you know will tickle Mom purple and we will supply the basket and put it all together for you at no additional cost.

Here’s a list of new and interesting items we have in stock this weekend.  Lavender Powder – a culinary delight!  A limited supply of curly willow branches in generous bundles (most around 5 ft tall) at just $8.00 a bundle.   We also have blackberry lavender honey, and our fun all cotton lavender eye masks complete with matching sachets.

You’ll want to visit often because we are always adding new products.  Coming soon…..  our very popular lavender soy candles, lavender bath bombs, lavender bath salts, lavender bath oil, lavender travel kit with one ounce bottles of lotion, body splash, and bubble bath.  Also coming soon: lavender chocolate and lavender sugar cookie mixes.

To find us just head to Sauvie Island and once you cross the bridge follow the yellow and purple LAVENDER FARM signs.  When you come to the fork in the road – stay to the left.  We are about 1.5 miles past this intersection.

See you soon!


Sauvie Island Lavender Farm

20230 NW Sauvie Island Rd

Portland, OR 97231



Lavender Growing Tips from Sauvie Island Lavender Farm

Sauvie Island Lavender Farm

Exquisite Lavender Products & Plants Especially for You

It is time to begin thinking about what needs to be done in the garden and flower beds in just a few short weeks.  Here are a few tips for what you can do with lavender this spring.

Trimming Lavender

Lavender needs a good cut at least once a year.  I prefer to trim 1/3 to 2/3 of the lavender foliage back in the fall and shape into a nice mound.  If you have lavender in your garden and didn’t get around to it last fall don’t worry.  Do it in the early spring when the threat of frost is past us.

Planting Lavender

Spring is also a great time to get new lavender plants in the ground.  Be sure you plant lavender in an area that gets full sun and has good drainage.  Lavender is a desert plant and cannot tolerate persistently wet roots.  Soil pH should be in the 6.5 to 7.5 range.

Where to Buy Lavender

At Sauvie Island Lavender Farm of course!  We will be open for the season May 1st.  Just give Julie a call you would like to buy plants in March or April.  Special orders are welcome and weekend pickups can be scheduled.

New Hours at Sauvie Island Lavender Farm

Due to an increase in demand we will be open an extra month this year and extra days in the spring and fall.  So when you come out to get your fall produce and pumpkins from the island’s farm markets, stop by the lavender farm too.  Our new hours are:  May through October from 10am-5pm Tuesday thorough Sunday.


Sauvie Island Lavender Farm



A Helping Hand at the Lavender Farm

Greetings from Sauvie Island Lavender Farm.   

Your year round source for all things lavender.

This time of year can be a bit overwhelming for a small farm like ours.  It is the time of year when we must dust off our work boots, sharpen the pruning loppers, throw on the raingear, and tend to the grapes and fruit trees at the farm. 

Besides lovely lavender, we grown Shiro Yellow Plums, Mulberries, New Century and Hosui Asian Pears, Bartlett Pears, Apples, Figs, Chardonnay Grapes, Cherries, and Kiwi.  Some fruit trees we just have one or two of, but when you add them altogether, there is a whole bunch of pruning to be done. 

So imagine my surprise when I pulled into my driveway after a morning of running errands to find all 150 feet of grapes had been pruned and all the vines hauled away!  I immediately knew who our pruning savior was - our neighbor.

But we have no ordinary neighbor.  In fact, our neighbor is a nursery whose headquarters are located a half a nation away in Minnesota.  Bailey Nursery, Inc. has been in business for over 100 years.  It is still a family owned business with family values and superb employees. 

On Sauvie Island, Bailey has about 2000 acres in nursery stock and they surround two sides of my lavender farm.  They have been tremendously supportive of my farm.  When it came time to plant my lavender a few years back, my husband fell down the stairs and dislocated his shoulder.  Bailey came to the rescue by hooking me up with several of their employees to help me plant our first 800 lavenders.  When I first opened to the public, it was Bailey who came to buy lavender plants to enhance their office landscaping.  And when I was working on a fundraiser to aid a family with a gravely ill child, Bailey called to offer nursery stock to help the cause.

Well a simple thank you just didn’t seem enough for all that Bailey has done for us, so I spent day baking two hundred plus cookies for the entire crew to enjoy.  And I am letting you know of their generosity.  If anyone from Bailey Nursery in Minnesota happens to read this blog – please pass on to the Bailey family how wonderful their nursery crew is out here on Sauvie Island.


Sauvie Island Lavender Farm 

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