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Have you seen the price of food lately? I have been watching….and the prices are definitely on the rise. Just the other day my wife and I went the store to buy groceries. As we were checking out I was amused at the fact that we had gotten so little and was shocked when I heard that we owed $44.00 for two small bags! Makes me wonder, what can we do to survive? Is it time to make things simpler? Should we all know how to grow our own food? In times past our whole country was full of small family owned farms. Living off the land, these families were able to produce food for themselves and their local community. The old saying “If you don’t work, you don’t eat” had a whole different meaning back then. My question for you is a simple one. If you were ever put in a position where you needed to grow your own fruits and vegetables to provide for your family, could you? What about the winter time? Do you want to save money every month by harvesting your own nutrient dense vegetables.

Eden Valley Farm is here for you! We are holding a seminar in April of this year to teach you how to grow your own food. We want to encourage everyone to stretch their money by growing various fruits and vegetables in their own back yards. We also want to educate the community  to support their farmers by buying locally grown produce. Lets keep the money in our community!

Come on by and check us out!

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