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Turkey, Tofurkey or Noturkey at all. Giving Thanks the Sustainable Way.

Within Reach is on a 12,000 mile bicycle tour around the US to visit sustainable communities.  Many of these include small family farms, groups living together raising food, and often raising Thanksgiving turkeys.  However, this Thanksgiving we (Mandy and Ryan) find ourselves in the middle of the New Mexican desert, cycling toward Truth or Consequences NM, with no farms, turkeys or even many stores in sight.

So, since I have typically purchased or worktraded for a Providence Farms turkey (www.providencefarms.org) for the past few years, this year will be different.  Thus, I wondered how to obtain a free-range organic turkey, let alone cook it while camping and only carrying a small camp stove.  So I considered tofurkey as a great substitute.  However, the problem again arose - how to keep tofu fresh while on a bike tour? (Ideas are welcome!).   Therefore we've arrived at the idea to fast for thanksgiving this year.  Not only is this in line with our activism against the inhumane raising of turkeys in this country and the over-planted-pesticide-ridden soy fields, but also a chance to spend some quality time REACHING WITHIN through meditation, prayers of gratitude, and deep reflecting, which I have found works very well during a fast.

So, good luck and many thanks to all the amazing farmers raising turkeys (been there, done that...and it's a LOT of work), and thanks to all the coops and farm stores promoting and selling these works of art; but count us out for Thanksgiving feast this year.

Happy No-Turkey Day!



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