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Lambs! Lambs! Lambs!

I am proud to announce the births of three little lambs! Two of our ewes lambed on Thursday and they are adorable beyond all reason. We let the families into the pasture on Monday after jugging and monitoring them to make sure that they bonded and that all was well. 

 Click here for a video!

The rest of the ewes are expected to lamb soon. I will be sure to keep you updated on their progress. But for now, here are some scenes of new life on the pasture.

 Mama's Milk



Lambing Season's Slow End

Our last ewe to lamb finally had twins a couple weeks ago, drawing lambing season to an end. Everyone was in suspense waiting for her to lamb because she took weeks longer than the other ewes. Besides that, this ewe is everyone’s favorite. Originally she was named Queen Mary, as she is the matriarch of the flock and is always the first to lead the other ewes up to see you. This year she earned the nickname "pigface" due to her pink nose, voracious appetite, and enormous girth. She finally had healthy twin lambs which she very attentively cares for. When we feed, she leaves her lambs to eat, pushing the other ewes out of her way. As soon as she's cleaned up every bite she lets out a call to her lambs and runs back to them so they can nurse. While her lambs are a bit younger than the others, we're confident they'll catch up fast!

Now that all the lambs are born, we've moved the flock to a fresh field of fast growing green grass, and have begun to plan our pasture rotation for the spring and summer.


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