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Nibble Nibble

Everyone is nibbling these days!

 Nibble nibble nibble. Nibble nibble nibble. It is so relaxing to watch.Click here for video! 

 All this nibbling fits in well with the advanced grazing class that I am currently taking along with three other sheep club members. Even more members are veterans of this course. In it we are learning about pasture management, grazing behavior, forages, and animal nutrition. The sheep give us hands-on, real life experience that connects with what we are studying. 

Sweet little baby sheep and education. All at once! I am so thankful for this club. 

Here are some sheep with their tongues out!



Laugh and Play

Click for another video of our lambs!

There are now sixteen lambs on our pasture, and they don't just follow their mothers anymore. Not when there are friends to play with! They hang out with each other, nap with each other, race, hop, play, and head butt. We still have seven more ewes yet to lamb, so there are even more new babies to come.  This past weekend I took advantage of the uncharacteristic Washington sun and sat in the pasture for hours with the lambs and ewes watching them play and enjoying the weather. It was beautiful.




Lambs! Lambs! Lambs!

I am proud to announce the births of three little lambs! Two of our ewes lambed on Thursday and they are adorable beyond all reason. We let the families into the pasture on Monday after jugging and monitoring them to make sure that they bonded and that all was well. 

 Click here for a video!

The rest of the ewes are expected to lamb soon. I will be sure to keep you updated on their progress. But for now, here are some scenes of new life on the pasture.

 Mama's Milk


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