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The Magic Draw of the Barbeque

As one reflects back on summer after summer of great family outings, beach evenings, and neighborhood gatherings one item tends to infiltrate the internal film festival of memories.  It is such a strong aspect of our culture you can even smell it in your imagination. The quintessential hub of the American summer party, large or small, revolves around the grill.  There are even competitions for grill master, bar-b-q king, or best rib man.  Surprisingly, although many can light up the grill, prepare the charcoal, or get a weber “smoking” hot very few know the secrets to great tasting, slide off the bone, tender, moist and delicious barbequed meats.  From selection and preparation to the temperature and cooking time to keys of when to season and when not to add sauce this Friday’s market will help make you the neighborhood legend on manning the grill.  It is the way to be well remembered at your party, for the unforgettable ribs and the best wings of the summer.  There will be two free demonstrations being offered by two caterers who specialize in the world of the bar-b-q. 

First at 3:00 pm, Wardell Loatman, the South Shore Bar-B-Q Man (AKA PPD2 BBQ) who has competed and judged several competitions and been a part of the summer markets for several years shares his knowledge.  Loatman, will start at the beginning, teaching you how to select great cuts for the grill, discuss the early preparation tips that make the difference between an average and an excellent outcome regarding methods for rubs, sauces, and cooking.  Loatman works to bring you prepared foods using local meats and his sauces and sides are developed with fresh local vegetables, herbs, and fruits whenever possible.

At 4:00 pm, “Introduction to Smoke” is the topic of the second free demonstration as new prepared food vendor, Old Harbor Catering of Hingham, teaches his popular class on smoking meats.  During market days Old Harbor is offering lobster rolls and clam plates but both vendors offer barbeque catering services on non-market days.

Both talks should enlighten even the regular grill chefs in the family to improve upon their skills and surprise your palate at the next event.  Additionally Marshfield resident, Peter Burrows, will have his own cuts of heritage pork raised humanely with love and great care on pastures available at the Brown Boar Farm booth inside.  Brown Boar Farm comes just once a month, so this is a fantastic opportunity to stock up for the summer grilling of sausages, ribs, or roasts.  Foxboro Cheese offers cuts of beef from their home pasture-raised cows in Foxboro, nice and lean.  Of course other grill favorites are eggplant, zucchini, onions, potatoes, corn on the cob, and peppers, all of which our farmers have for sale.  Finish the meal with a bowl of mixed berries, cupcakes, or a tart.
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