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Wishing the world a merry CHRISTmas

Just wishing the world a merry CHRISTmas on this wonderful CHRISTmas day. Here at Simpson's Back Yard Farm, as we go through the daily duties we spend the day renewing our faith and rededicating our lives to the Lord. It is our gift to CHRIST on the day of his birth. The Lord has given us so much and we are grateful for all,so on this day we rededicate to him as our gift to him. However you celebrate his birth we wish you good tidings throught the new year.

Home grown meats

Rabbit and corn bread dressing:

Boil three eggs

dice one onion

bake two pans regular corn bread, let cool.

Cut rabbit into serving sizes bake at 350 for 30 mins. (older rabbit needs 45 mins.)

Take out drain and save juice, set rabbit aside.

Crumble corn bread, add diced onion,and diced boiled eggs

add sage to taste, salt to taste.

use juice from rabbit, adding only enough to moisten.

Replace mixture into pan, push rabbit pieces into dressing

and return to oven. bake until top is golden brown and crisp.




Thanksgiving is right upon us.

There are so many things we have to be thankful to our Lord and Savior for. The traditional giving thanks at our table will last a while. At our home we started a tradition when my children were young, that each one seated at the table had to give aloud at least one thing they were truly thankful for. The thanks sometimes got emotional, and from the young kids, sometimes hilarious,but from the heart. We are having dinner with my husbands folks and don't think that we will hear the things that all are thankful for,and i will truly miss that part of our thanksgiving. My one thing that stays in my mind is that the Lord saw fit to put me in this wonderful, God fearing family, and allowed us to adopt my beautiful and troubled granddaughter. He opened the way for us to have this farm, and that is a miracle in itsef because we are truly not able to afford the things we have. He came through on that also, and now less than thirty months later this rabbitry is supporting itsself, and the poultry operation. Not much extra for us, but I feel he will take care of that also in the near future. I now take this time to offer my thanks:

Father, I thank you for all you have given to us,and the people around us.I ask for your forgiveness on any trespasses I may have made,and pray that you will bless all this Thanksgiving holiday. In Jesus name I ask it.


Farm Stories

It's almost winter season here at Simpson's Back Yard Farm,We are getting ready to set up the barn for the cold.

To keep the rabbits breeding we have to set up heat lamps and close the cold air out for the momma's.

We had a litter born a day early, and was not set up for the cold night. To our surprise ,when we went to the barn the next morning the babies had arrived and the mom had filled the box with hair almost to the top.

She was almost bald on her underbelly and sides. It was quite a site to see, By the way, all babies are alive and doing well.



Home grown meats

I have heard that there are some people that have never tried rabbits for a source of meat. I can only wonder why? The meat is fat free,white,and delicious. It can be cooked in so many different ways that it fits in any meal plan. We raise all our own rabbit and chicken.We hatch and raise our bunnies and chicks to sell and to eat. We do not however butcher the meat for the public. There will be stuffed roasted  rabbit on our table for the Thanksgiving meal.

   Here at simpson's back yard farm we have a lot to be thankful for. We have our beautiful granddaughter living with us,and we are truly blessed with the ability to help ourselves and others to cut down on the prices offered in retail grocery stores.

  We hope everyone out there has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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