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Too Big NOT to Fail

On Sunday morning a good friend and fellow farmers market vendor sent me an alert to a front page article in the New York Times.  The article is entitles, "Trail of E.Coli Shows Flaws in Inspection of Ground Beef".  The link is

If there was ever an arguement for local and sustainable processing of meat, this is it.  I strongly recommend that we as producers show this to all our friends, relatives and neighbors -- especially those who are on the fence about where they source their food.

I think that this is especially important because the government answer to this problem is more inspection and more testing.  Bastrop Cattle Company has every single one of our calves inspected before, during and after all steps of processing.  I don't have any problem with testing.

However, more inspection and testing won't take care of this problem.  These slaughterhouses are just too big.  They are processing too many animals.  AND there is no way that these guys will ever let the government put more inspectors in (and the USDA or FDA doesn't want to pay for the real number of inspectors it would take to really police these places).

We need to get people back to buying local and sustainable where we can re-develop the local community processing plants that use to exist.

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