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Tthe value of ranch land and attitudes

I had a very unnerving event this past weekend.  It happened at the local farmers market that we sell our beef at every Friday and Saturday. It went  something like this.  Another vendor stepped up to me and said; "Don't you live on such and such a road just outside Bastrop?"


"Wow, I bet that land of your's is really worth a lot of money."

"Yes, but we're not interested in selling.  We ranch and want to keep it that way."

"Well, but when the developers come around and offer you all that money, how are you going to say no?"

"We'll say no if we can avoid being squeezed out by the escalating property taxes and don't have eminent domain used on us (there is also talk of a loop around Bastrop and it could very easily go through our land)"

At that point another vendor piped in, "But a road wouldn't take that much land and just think of how much more the land will be worth at that point!"

At this piont, my stomach is starting to turn.  All I can see is a road going over all my live oaks and my cattle staring at each other separated by a four-lane.  What just happened here?  I just want to stay on my land. 

And I guess my questions are; "Isn't what I do valuable to society?  And doesn't my land have a lot of value just because of what I do?  Would it really be worth more to society with loads of houses and cars on it?

Finally why does everybody think that what I do as a rancher is so expendable?




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