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Grass-fed, free-range beef in a drought

I haven't heard from many people and decided that I probably needed to be more proactive.

If you live in Central Texas, you know that we are now in a two-year drought.   For those of you outside of the area, we are!  What does this mean to a rancher?  Well, not anything good.  I'm looking outside my window at a lawn that is all sand, and I can hear my well going off again as the herd comes in to drink from the concrete trough that we now keep full 24 hours a day.  So far, the cows are looking pretty good considering.

With some foresight last spring, we had our back pasture treated with compost tea and it stood the grass well.  Everything is brown now, but at least we still have grass on most of the pastures -- abate with only limited protein.  We make that up with natureal mineral suppliments.  So far, the weather has been warm and with as much cover (native and coastal) as we have, we've avoided having to put out hay.  If it turns really cold, though, that will change.

Still, it can be tough on the cows.  All the cows on the place are young, and expecting their first calf.  While they look good, they are still undergoing some stress -- cows don't like dust either.  I see a lot of runny noses out there.  We're keeping a close eye on everyone to make sure its nothing more than sinus irritation!

I just wish it would rain.


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This is just a short blog to let everyone know that I am always happy to answer any questions about our beef, how we raise the animals, how we handle the meat and how we sell it.  I appreciate any serious questions, comments and suggestions.  Thank you.
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