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Fall Piggies going to market

Next Tuesday is the end of the playtime for 4 of our piggies. Call Alan if you are interested at 815-721-5483. We are taking requests for brats, breakfast sausage, and piggy quarters processed to your specifications by Galloways in Como, IL (@ 815-626-0305). We do not expose our animals to hormones or offer feed laced with antibiotics or other agrichemicals. 
We will schedule the steers for processing whenever I can talk Alan into it and they are "big enough".
If you want beef, average whole beef hanging weight at 600 lbs.
If you want less than that amount, talk Alan into processing sooner (smaller) or find a friend or 3 to share a quarter with. Younger animals are more tender, and those fed young grass in Spring are supposed to be best.
If you want in on next year's garden, let us know what you want us to grow and if you will have time instead of money to contribute (cooperative gardening and fence repair are always welcome)...

We sell meat by the whole half or quarter animal (depending on the size of the animal - whole chicken, half pig/goat or quarter cow for instance) and you choose and pay for the processing separately, Galloway will be the default processor if no other request is made by the time the animal is ready. Alan and I do often deliver locally. To contact him call or text him at 815-721-5483 or reply to this email. Calls are answered quickest, so if you email and don't hear a reply soon, please call or text. 

2011=2010 prices based on hanging weights (subject to change):
Pork: $2 per pound plus processing (varies by cut and processor)
Beef: $3.50 per pound plus processing (varies by cut and processor)
produce: labor only
Duck Eggs: labor only

Happy Farming & Happy Cooking.

-Risha (& Alan and the kids)
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