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Got pork? Got a freezer?

3 pigs went to market, we used Johnson's as Galloway's was on vacation. Alan is still non-weight bearing after his skid loader accident. The beef and 2 more pigs will need to go soon too, so place your orders.


8 litlle piggies went out one day

Through the corn field to the waterway

Mamma doc said come back come back

but it took a whole week without rain to get them back!


Piggies are plentiful on our farm... by our measure at least. After taking our winter harvest of pork to the processor, not counting the newest batch of piglets, we again have more children than pigs.

Six children make for a plentiful home (bigger than the homes of either of our nuclear families of origin, but smaller than the country cousins in Ireland).

Mrs Piggie went to freezer camp this winter. We hate to see her go, but at 3 years old, she was getting too big to comfortably fit through the 1st floor side doors in our antique corn crib. We bought her as a piglet, after being weaned by a local vet's husband (our mechanic). She had a good life: fun in the sun, the escape to the corn field accross the creek with her piglets last year and 2 healthy and productive pregnancies... She was the first animal we bred. Paul Muller shared his Berkshire boar, with great results.

...she will make good bacon  and brats now. So it goes on a family farm.

We seem to have room for sales, and are considering seeing if another local CSA that focuses on veggies would like to cooperate. We would hate to split the meat sales to less than custom processing sizes. But it seems that few families are ready for freezerfuls... The problem is that processing for individual meat sale is so much more... if only customers wanted whole animals we could keep our focus on the family farm and not the marketing...

Happy winter! 

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