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Small scale: Baby beef bought and bottlefed, Daring ducklings, piglets & more...

The farm is diversifying and evolving. Got freezer beef? We sold out our pastured chickens in no time at all and will encourage repeat customers and new customers to pre-order so we know how many to raise. 2 young goats were processed and have been tried with great success. We only bought a few Turkeys (less than 10) and have most of them spoken for.

Many of our customers are mourning the loss of our fresh eggs... but there is only one Alan and I made him decide between eggs and beef. So we now have 6 baby beef in our barn being bottlefed as we speak. Next year we think we will buy a dairy cow to act as momma to the baby beef we buy to cut out the middle-man of bottlefeeding... but for now we are out there caring for the calves and baling hay for the winter. I should really say Alan and Trevor are doing these things right now, as I am writing and enjoying a minute of rest.

On the egg front, we let the birds hatch out their young this spring and had several suprises. The first crop of ducklings dissappeared free ranging in less than a week. The one Pekin duck has adopted all the other ducklings.  She was confined for a week in the otherwise vacant hen house with a weed filled run attached. Now she has 16 fuzzy followers ranging around the farm. One buff hen hatched 5 chicks, 2 of which Alan found in a plumbing access in the barn. These were rescued and temporarily housed with a bunny that the boys bought. They escaped and seem to have become someone's dinner. 3 other chicks were following their momma hen last time I saw them. The real suprise came when those silly geese insisted on sitting and we gave up fighting them. We were sure they were all girls and being obstinant in their defence of the sterile eggs. Were we suprised when 3 hatched!

 The sow had piglets 8 of which we expect to survive. They were born on my son's 10th birthday! One seems to have been stepped on in the throws of labor and has pretty bad wounds on it's sides... but may survivie yet.


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