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2012 prices

Our family of 8 live on the farm with a conservation reserve outside our door. Berkshire cross heritage pigs; jersy, holstein, and now highland cattle plus miscellaneous poultry free range on our pastures and enjoy organic exempt corn and other feeds grown on site. What we cannot provide is purchased locally without pesticides or antibiotics whenever possible. Meat is processed locally by state inspected butchers. Local delivery can be arranged or you can pick up at the processor.

Custom cut and processed to customer's specifications. Separate processing charge based on cuts or desired preparation. Price varies based on actual weight and processing order.
Beef (Bulk)
estimates (not counting processing)
Quarter BEEF  200 lbs  $650 plus processing
Typically: T-Bone Steaks, Rib Eye Steaks, Sirloin Steaks, Round Steaks, Chuck Roasts, Shoulder Roasts, Rump Roasts, Sirloin Tips, Stew Meats, Short Ribs, Ground Beef

Pork (Bulk)
1/2  pig     75 lbs     $325 plus processing(+$25donation)= Price / lb is $4.67
whole pig 150 lbs    $645 plus processing(
+$25donation)=  Price / lb is $4.47

*The retail price at local harvest saves compared to Home Grown Cow's 15% Service Fee. - Donation made to Local Harvest.





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