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I love the north country!  I love winter, yes I really do, I love spring, I love summer, except when it feels like I'm south of the Mason Dixon line, and I love fall.  I just don't like November.  At least I don't like November the way it seems to turn out these days. 

We had a late spring cold and wet, but eventually the trees bloomed, the bees did their thing and summer came along.  Now, here we are, the leaves are mostly gone, the apples have mostly fallen, except for the Keepsakes, and we're back to cold and wet.  But, and this is important, we're not waiting for the glorious days of sunshine and white apple blossom petals floating on the breeze.  No, we're waiting for even colder and wetter.  Now, I really don't mind cold and wet as long as the wet part comes in the form of snow.  But in November, it is cold wet rain, and sleet, and more cold rain, and an occasioanl snow flake that immediately turns to cold wet mush when it hits the ground.  And those Keepsakes that are still on the trees...they are now cold wet, frozen and rethawed pieces of red round mush hanging on the trees. 

I ought to be mowing for the last time, and puting on the tree guards and cleaning up the windfalls so the scab spores and maggot fly larvae don't have aplace to overwinter, but it's just too cold and wet and miserable. 

Well, at least I can look forward to shooting some of those deer that fed on my new trees  and ate most of the sweet corn I planted last spring.  November does have thanksgiving and the rifle season, so i guess it's not all bad

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