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NAIS bill - support its passage
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Black Walnuts - Unshelled

I'll be reactivating the Candlewood Sutlery page shortly, but in the meantime - I have finally moved to the farm!

As soon as the listing becomes available, I will be taking orders for black walnuts and hickory nuts, juniper berries and rose hips - all wildcrafted here in Stonefort, IL.

All have been harvested and are curing at the moment. They should be ready for shipment around November 15.


Grass Hay Needed!

Grass hay needed for two families 100 bales and 160 bales respectively. PLease contact me with availability and pricing.  [Read More]

SB 840 - PASSED!!!

Just a quick note to thank you for your help in getting SB840, the "Cottage Food Bill" passed this week!!

By a vote of 97 - 18, we have regained the right to make and sell certain foods from our home kitchens at farmers markets throughout the state.

Please be sure to thank your legislator, and


Please consider a call/email/fax to Governor Quinn asking him to sign the bill at the earliest possible time.



USDA Hare Tactics - Protest Scheduled for May 25 in Ozark, MO

Protests over USDA extortion in MO scheduled for Wednesday (May 25) in Ozark.

 Please read the article at the first link, and pass around to anyone you think may be interested.

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IL folks - Please voice support for SB840 - Cottage Food Bill!!!!

Please call the committee members and your own representatives to support SB840 - the Cottage Food bill.


This bill allows for home-made jams, jellies, fruit butters and baked goods to be sold (up to $25K per year) with no inspections from state or local health departments, the department of ag, etc.


Items not specifically allowed in the law can be sold if the person (at personal expense, of course) has their recipe tested and registered with a certified lab.


 Committee hearing is Wednesday, May 18, at 9:00 am.

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International Seed Day - April 26

Support and pass along the information for this year's International Seed Day.


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Animal Hoarding Bill in Illinois - Asking for calls and letters

HR1166 criminalizes anyone housing more than 7 animals... Let them know this is unacceptable intrusion into private affairs!  [Read More]

HOMESCHOOL Bill in Illinois

Meeting for home schooling families to create a strategy for fighting SB0136 - a bill that would require registration of all home or alternative schools with the state of Illinois  [Read More]

Time Stand Still in a Honey Yard

As the slow methodical dance unfolds between the Apiarist and her hives, a drop of sweat slowly rolls down the back of her neck. Even at 40F in February, she knows that the actions she takes now can makeor break this colony of 50,000 bees. The husbandry that she applies will provide liquid nectar in a few months time – a sweetener that has been cherished throughout thousands of years by the human race, and of course, wildlife.

She knows the health benefits after having carefully been instructed by a Veteran 'Keep – her father. At age 9, Astrid Sabo has been a Beekeeper more than half of her life and she knows that the careful precision she applies is appreciated by family who enjoy the benefits of her labor. She has rested on her belly in the spring to watch the ladies travel from flower to flower while collecting pollen and mused at their industry. And yes, she has been stung as she will be quick to tell you if asked.

She knows that farmer’s crops, backyard gardeners vegetables, and commercial fruit orchards depend in large part to Honey Bees pollination. Being exposed to the environmental benefits and declining population of the little winged insects, she has become a steward in her own right of the land.

Somehow February 27th she found herself in Springfield, hours from home and the hives. She traveled with her father Mike Sabo and her younger brother to the Great Rotunda where legislative matters hum off the walls much as the bees fill the hive with their song. Beside her stands Senator Dave Luechtefeld, the Legislator that supports her in her effort to continue what she loves and has dedicated many hours of her life to. About to walk into the Senate Agricultural Committee, a bead of sweat slowly makes it's way down the back of her neck. This hearing covering SB 2959 could make the difference if Astrid, and indeed 95% of Illinois Beekeepers, can continue to keep hives.

She has dreams of selling at the local Farmers Market to support her hives, however current regulation prohibits the opportunity unless, as the Illinois Department of Health suggested at an after Committee meeting, she rent a commercial kitchen. The logistics of transporting such a delicate agricultural product must not be known to the IDPH. Nor the fact that Bees, like Astrid, are tenacious in guarding the comb from which the honey is removed and cannot be coaxed to stay behind while the honey travels to its final point.

In a time when Illinois Consumers are looking for fresh, locally produced products the question must be poised as to why such barriers are created between producers and consumers. How many times have individuals looked for a local product on the store shelves or Farmers Markets only to find imported products crowding out the items that could support the local economy?

If we want to keep the opportunity for the Astrid's out there in Illinois to provide a future for our Agricultural Industry, our Farmers Markets, and our toast with just a touch of natures bounty – it is time to stand up and provide legislative requests of our Representatives.

There are currently 3 bills related to the regulatory process of honey awaiting Committee Meetings or advancement to the floor in Springfield this year (SB 2959, HB 6132, and HB 5755). They have statewide sponsorship and true bipartisan support.

I encourage each and every Illinois citizen who enjoys honey, and the affiliated items that can be produced with the byproducts (candles, soap, wax), to support these 3 bills by contacting their State Senator and Representative.

~ ~ Written by Sharon Sabo
Founder, IICFA

Comments needed on article about Honey bills

Please read the article, and post any related comments at:





IL Honey Bills - NEWS

Support for SB2959 and a new honey bill to support - phone calls, please!  [Read More]

IL SB2959 - please help us get this bill passed! (Raw honey)

Please call your IL Senator and ask them to co-sponsor as well as support SB 2959 for keeping the sale of raw honey, as well as backyard beekeeping legal in Illinois.

 Also - please pass along to your friends, neighbors and family, requesting they do the same!



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First hand account of Pat and Melissa's hearing - and other IMPORTANT info

Pat and Melissa's hearing

Big Dairy state official shrugs COOL violations - admits looking the other way

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NAIS - WICFA News & Wisconsin NAIS Court Case Updates

WICFA Legal Fund to help those being persecuted for not registering their property under NAIS.

 WICFA website updated.

 Update on the two cases that have already had initial hearings.

 Proud Political Junkies Gazette link.

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MUST READ - Memoranda Of Understanding by Marti Oakley (HR2749)

A citizens ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (MOU) with the Federal Government

famine_dees3fPPJG Original Article   ppjg.wordpress.com

Posted August 29, 2009   12:37 a.m  CST

Author:  Marti Oakley (c) 2009





Consider this a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to all members of the Senate, all members of the House, and to President Obama.  I am sure you are fully aware of the intent and implications of MOUs, as each of you, in one way or another, uses them to establish the outlining of agreements between yourselves, collectively or individually, concerning the agreements you have made with individuals acting as state’s representatives or agencies; generally to avoid Constitutional prohibitions on your intended actions and in avoidance of the Constitution.  I am using it in quite another fashion as you will see in the following text.

For you, MOUs are the terms and agreements of what, are in fact the first step in contractual agreements. MOUs are most often accompanied by cooperative agreements and funding (bribes) to implement what generally turns out to be egregious assaults to civil rights and liberties to the benefit of the federal government, linked so inextricably to corporate interests and global agreements.

Consider what follows a Memorandum of Understanding between me, Marti J. Oakley, and all of you, collectively cited in the above paragraph.

To Wit:

We (you and I) agree that each and every one of you holds your office as a result of election. And, that as a result of your victory and subsequent oath of office, you were expected to actually represent the people who put their faith and trust in you.  The fact is you have violated this oath at every opportunity regardless of which party you claim allegiance to or which political philosophy you espouse at any given time. 

In light of a profound understanding of how you have used and abused this trust and faith, I need you to understand how I (we) perceive you, i.e., your activities, your betrayals of these United States of America, your pandering to corporate interests, your illegal agreements with foreign governments and interests and ultimately what appears to be a very concerted effort to destroy our country and to convert the same into a region in some coveted global plantation.

Because the instances of your acts against the people are so numerous, in this MOU, I will address only this one issue:  HR 2749, the Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009.

Please consider this Memorandum of Understanding No. 1.

Please be advised that no cooperative agreement with the anticipated funding (bribe money) will be forthcoming.  You may consider this an “Unfunded Mandate” in the sense that I will never contribute one dime to the re-election efforts of any one of you.  “We” in the following text means “WE THE PEOPLE.”

I (We) understand:

A)  The recent passage in the House of HR 2749, euphemistically titled “Food Safety Act,” was nothing short of an assault on the food production and supply on behalf of:

1.  Illegal international harmonization agreements meant to reduce “barriers to trade,” i.e., the ability of multi-national corporate raiders to operate at the lowest standards possible to increase profits;

2.  Illegal trade agreements which are in fact inter-governmental corporate agreements and not Constitutionally recognized treaties;

3.  Corporate bio-pirates;

4.  National and international political donors involved in agriculture; and,

5.  A means to end domestic farming and ranching practiced by independent and family producers so as to allow the establishment of corporately owned and operated industrialized farm operations.

In simpler terms:  An ending of competition for your largest political donors and a centralization of the food supply, ending biodiversity and putting our national security at risk as a result.

I (We) understand:

B)  That all provisions of HR 2749 purported to be necessary in order to secure the safety of the food supply in the U.S. will in reality, do nothing to accomplish this.  We understand the purposes of this Act were and are:

1.   To facilitate the creation of yet another behemoth federal agency which will have police state powers and “rule-making” (law making) authority;

2.   That HCAAP will remain in place allowing corporate interests to “inspect” themselves, while otherwise omitting them almost totally from being subject to this Act;

3.   The subjecting of independent and private family farms and ranches to surveillance and “swat team” type raids;

4.   Fines, fees and other costs, and burdensome regulations;

5.   Warrantless search and seizure of private property, with only:

a)  “a reasonable belief” by the Secretary that a problem exists; and

b)  Without any evidence, without due process;

6.   The prohibition on using the courts and judicial system as a means of redress in the aftermath of assault by the USDA/FDA/HHS on behalf of the federal government;

7.   That the actual intent of this bill is to eradicate all but corporate industrialized farming;

8.  That the final version as passed was made to appear that family and independent farms and ranches would be exempt — done by eliminating sections early on in the document only to reinsert them in later pages;

9.  That the FDA definition of what a farm is, is reflected in the bill and includes animals;

10.  That the USDA definition is also reflected;

11.  That the word “farm” has now been inserted into US Code as being a facility;

12.  That a facility (farm) now falls under the USC 7 Warehousing Act; and

13.  That an intentional and malicious redefining and reassigning of farms under US Code will subject even the smallest operation to fees, registration and subjugation to the new “food police.”

I (We) understand:

C)  That HR 2749 constitutes an act of terrorism, emanating from our own government against a selected and targeted segment of the nation on behalf of foreign interests, regulations, agreements, corporate interests and most especially Codex Alimentarius.

1.  That new and unique offices, officers and agents will be authorized to use force against private U.S. citizens;

2.  That any attempt to defend our homes, property or persons, even verbally, can result in the use of force and possible imprisonment;

3.  That HR 2749 is the codifying of Codex Alimentarius into U.S. law;

4.  That Codex, where ever it has been made law, has created food shortages, famine and endangered the public safety and health;

5.  That Codex is the global overtaking of food supplies and production to benefit commerce and trade (read: corporations); and,

6.  That Codex is funded by the same corporations that funnel funding for Codex through the United Nations (where it originated) and you.

This is surely not the full extent of Codex, or this ACT, but I (we) are sure you are already aware of the full ramifications as they apply to our Constitution, our rights and liberties, and our sovereignty.  Yet, you voted by an overwhelming margin to pass it in the House.

Concluding our Understanding:  

I (We) have had to endure one assault after another by you which are nothing less than attacks on:

1.  Our sovereignty, our rights and liberties;

2.  Our freedom to peacefully assemble, to protest, to dissent; 

3.  Our right to keep and bear arms;

4.  Our right to privacy all but erased, our right to be left alone by government;

5.  Our right to be secure in our property, papers and effects; and that,

6.  The aformentioned rights shall be ours to posses, as property, as an inalienable right.

And this is the short list.  Now, as if these assaults, perpetrated by you in the name of “national security” were not enough, you intend to seize control of food production and supply and the actual intent to decide not only what we eat, but who profits from the food available.

I (we) have come to understand “national security” in a whole new light.   National security now means finding the ways to defend ourselves, our families and communities … from you. 

Speaking solely for my self in this moment, I don’t fear attacks from foreign terrorists (I will address this issue in MOU #2). I fear YOU.  You, the House, the Senate and the President (past and current) represent the greatest threat to the sovereignty and safety and security of our nation, and to the preservation of America.  You have betrayed us, whether out of stupidity, lack of attention, lack of knowledge, lack of due diligence, or outright greed and corruption, you have betrayed us. 

As a gentleman I spoke to recently put it: “They are interfering with our right to thrive”. 

I’ll put it another way: much less genteel:   You bastards sold us out.


(c) August 29, 2009  Marti Oakley

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