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Animal Hoarding Bill in Illinois - Asking for calls and letters

 This is the latest on HR1166, which would criminalize people housing more than 7 animals at any one time. It would eliminate all the foster homes shelters rely on when they are over-filled,

This bill does not account for the difference between a farm and an an apartment (etc), does not specifically speak of species (does that aquarium count?, and there are a host of other problems, clearly spoken of in the above article.

 Please take a look, and then consider letting our Illinois legislators know that they should have killed, rather than promising to "table" this bill.

 Thanks, all!



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The Animal Hoarding Project tries to find solutions to the problems of animal hoarding before it becomes criminal animal abuse. Animal Hoarding Project provides safe opportunities to explore the compulsive care-giving, digging deep into desire for love and paralyzing fears of loss to understand how the problem grew so extreme and to provide tools to put a healthy plan into action.

The Animal Hoarding Project brings together a taskforce of psychologists, veterinarians and animal welfare organization to work with concerned friends and family members to craft a real viable solution for the individuals and their pets.

The Animal Hoarding Project is dedicated to finding comprehensive long-term solutions and believes therapy to be key to this. The team treats all submissions with confidentiality and respect.

If you are dealing with a suspected hoarding case, contact us. 1 -877-698-7387 or email us at help@animalhoardingproject.com.

Posted by Erica Foley on March 01, 2011 at 04:24 PM CST #

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